Finding private Japanese teachers

by Paul Goodchild

If you’re looking to find another option for Japanese language teachers, then I’m writing this to suggest to you another great one.  If you go to a Japanese language institution, you will typically have group lessons for approximately 4000~6000 yen / 60mins or 90mins.  If you want to get a private, 1-on-1 lesson, you will pay on the upper range of the group lesson costs.  Not only that, you will likely have to pay for a block of lessons all at once and this can be quite restrictive for many.  Another alternative is .

How it works

As a student, you sign up to the website and fill out your profile.  You will detail where you live, or work, or both, and which you would prefer as a venue for your lesson.  You then have space to write freely what you are seeking from your lessons and any other requirements you might have.

Once you complete the profile and submit, the teachers that have signed-up to the service will receive your profile details and they will each then submit to you their offer of service if they so desire.  They will include their costs and where they are prepared to stage the lesson based around your preferences.  Whether the costs include transportation will also be typically stated.

Typically also, the teacher will provide an initial pro bono trial lesson in order to sample whether or not the teacher is likely to offer you the services in the style or manner that you need.

Gaijin Guide is in no way affiliated with  This article is posted solely as a guide and we offer and accept no liability for experiences, services, problems, costs, or otherwise, resulting from this article or use of the labochi website.  As always, please use your own judgment and use these services responsibly.

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