public transport

The Tokyo Subway system on Google Maps

April 20, 2009

Ever wondered how the incredible mesh, that is the Tokyo underground rail network, looks from space?  Well since it’s underground, it doesn’t really matter how far up you go, you wont be able to see it… But… someone has gone to the trouble of super-imposing all the subway lines and their stations onto a Google […]

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Suica/PASMO and the public transport in Tokyo and Japan

April 17, 2009

Tokyo… it’s a pretty big place. Officially as of October 2007, the population of Tokyo is approximately 10% of country, which is roughly 12.790 million people.  The Tokyo prefecture is the 3rd smallest by land area (2.187km²) making it the most densely populated prefecture.  So how does everyone get around?  It’s like any major city […]

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